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Cloud enables Velocity

  • Fast resource allocation
  • Agility
  • Develop, Test and Deploy in Cloud

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It's hard to deploy and upgrade

OpenStack is Complex!

wouldn't it be nice if...

OpenStack was easier to deploy

Introducing tripleo

OpenStack on Openstack

OpenStack's official Deploymant program


"TripleO is the use of a self hosted OpenStack infrastructure - that is OpenStack bare metal (nova and cinder) + Heat + diskimage-builder + in-image orchestration such as Chef or Puppet - to install, maintain and upgrade itself."


Issues we are trying to address

  • Bugs
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery
    • Common API and codebase for the cloud and under the cloud
    • Standardize installation and upgrade process
  • Entropy/Cruft -- Golden Images
  • Hardware Failure -- High Availability setup

Puzzle Pieces

Provisioning: Nova baremetal

Software: Disk images

Golden Images

  • Encapsulate a known good set of software
  • Excludes configuration and persistent state
  • Equivalent of packages at the cluster level
  • Each image can be tested and deployed as-is
  • Small focused tool-chain to build images

configuration: os-apply-config

Combines metadata delivered to instance from cloud with templates shipped with image to produce usable configuration files.

Small utility designed specifically to move Tripleo forward without tying reference implementation to specific configuration management solution.

You can use chef/puppet/salt here instead if you prefer.

state: os-refresh-config

Triggered when when metadata is updated: responsible for restarting services, coordinating data migration, and signalling completion to Heat.



orchestration: heat

Underclouds and Overclouds


  • Fully HA baremetal cloud
  • Self hosted
  • Aiming for two control nodes
  • Additional nodes are for overcloud tenants


  • Fully HA KVM based OpenStack hosted by the undercloud
  • Orchestrated by Heat running in the undercloud
  • Can (optionally) use the same disk images for most service


  1. Create a bootstrap node that is bridged to the datacenter network.
  2. Enroll your machines.
  3. Tell heat to deploy your HA OpenStack templates.
  4. Heat drives the Nova API to scale out the cloud.
  5. Switch off the bootstrap node.
  6. Tell Heat to recover from the loss of the VM node
  7. Deploy the overcloud as a undercloud tenant

managing your deployment

When events occur that change our state, heat triggers will fire causing the system to respond appropriately.

Rolling backwards becomes as simple as rolling forward: simply deploy the old image.

Prevent entropy by managing your cloud the cloud way:
Store data and persistent state in persistent volume.

new possibilities and practical applications

  • Clouds in clouds: Multi-cloud tenancy.

  • Integrate this as a part of  CI/CD infrastructure - deploy and test entire cloud in production-like environment on every commit.

  • More clouds for everyone!

Does this work today?

What problems are left to solve?

We can do this today!

and we do

just lacking polish

  • No persistent storage (Cinder) yet.
  • Rolling / canary updates in Heat.
  • Upgrade nova-compute without taking VMs down.
  • Rudimentary HA support
  • Robustness across OpenStack against: bugs, hardware failure, network failure, etc.

Thank You


#tripleo on freenode

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